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Archive date:  December 11, 2015

Forty Below

Pre-Christmas Closeout: 40% off all plants*; bagged EarthMix® products!

No, extreme cold weather is not imminent. In fact, quite the contrary is true. With a strong El Niño effect currently in place, there are no temperatures anywhere in the country that are even close to 40 below. I am thrilled to report, that forecast high temperatures for Saturday are in the lower 70s! Any time you can get this weather in December, it is welcome to say the very least.

In this case, forty below has nothing to do with temperature. Forty below is what a BatesRewards member like you will save when you come out and shop our Pre-Christmas Closeout sale! While supplies last, we are offering all plants: that includes all trees, all shrubs, ornamental grasses, groundcovers, perennials, conifers, and all Christmas items such as poinsettia and Christmas cactus at forty percent below our regular price! There is only one exception*: Japanese Maples. Since we're excluding Japanese maples, it only seems right to add something back. Again, while supplies last, all bagged EarthMix® products are 40% off as well!

Since this is an end-of-season, inventory reduction sale, you are strongly encouraged to come early, and be prepared to haul your purchases home. We make every effort to secure purchases that are made for future pickup or delivery, by designating these plants with "sold" tags and ribbons. Unfortunately, when under the influence of  "sale euphoria", a few disregard the markings and purchase those items while we are not looking. We don't condone that practice; we simply have a difficult time enforcing tagging rules when we are extremely busy.

Obviously, the earlier you arrive, the more choices you have. The sale begins Friday, December 11 at 8 AM and continues through noon on Christmas Eve. As always, we are glad to help you with your selections. Where you need advice, make sure you take photographs with your smart phone or tablet and bring those along. It helps us greatly to gain this bit of insight on the area(s) where you need assistance.

Holiday savings; wonderful weather!

David Bates