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Archive date:  November 20, 2015

The First REAL Freeze

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We've had a bit of frosty conditions. Some locations have even had light freezes. This weekend promises to be the real deal. Forecast temperatures for Saturday night and Sunday night are forecast to be in the mid-20s range. This should be no cause for alarm. Fortunately, we have had enough cold weather to send plants into complete dormancy. If you're like me, you still have some tropicals in containers outdoors, they will surely turn to mush unless you act quickly. To be sure, if a plant is going to freeze out anyway there's no real urgency. It's just a lot easier to extract living plants out of a container as opposed to slimy ones. It is probably a good idea to survey your outdoor areas and deal with what ever might create an issue, before it freezes.

If you have an irrigation system, it certainly must be drained. It's also a good idea if you have garden hoses that are coiled up, to string them out fully and drain all water out before you re-coil them. This process should be replicated throughout the winter every time you use your hoses.

If you have any late harvest items such as figs or perhaps a few last tomatoes, you either need to pick the remaining fruit or construct a greenhouse. It is probably easier to do the former, rather than the latter. I'm not saying that a cold frame greenhouse is not a good thing. Cold frame greenhouses are excellent for extending the season by providing protection through a few cold nights. A temporary structure can be easily and inexpensively constructed using PVC pipe and clear plastic, available at most home stores.

The great thing about trees and shrubs is that a little cold weather is really welcome this time of year. Now fully dormant you can't get a better time to plant. Through the end of business on November 25th, BatesRewards members get 25% off all deciduous trees; no quantity restrictionsIncluding Japanese maples and magnolias!

David Bates