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Archive date:  November 13, 2015

A Habitable Zone

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How could it possibly be better? We have gratefully avoided drought, flooding, and severe weather of any kind.  I know ‘this too shall pass’, but I think is it worth mentioning.  If for no other reason, I need to consciously register the facts.  We seem to be in the ‘sweet spot’ weather-wise.  Everything weather related to this point has been ‘just right’.  There is nothing in the foreseeable to indicate otherwise.

It would seem our fair city/surrounding metro area is deemed by many to be a most habitable zone.  The weather has simply been a bonus. Every day 85 people are moving to the Music City…if you’re a new Nashvillian, welcome!

To be sure, Nashville Metro is hitting on all cylinders. The evidence is not difficult to spot. I was sitting in traffic the other day; I counted 13 cranes. Both of those events are the most obvious evidences. Getting around town is becoming an art form. Each of us are secretly plotting our strategy to get from point A to point B. We are all increasingly preoccupied with time travel, that is to say, the time it takes to travel.

To be sure, we are a bit off the beaten path. Weekend interstate closings make Briley Parkway an excellent choice. I invite you to come out this weekend. The weather looks to be slightly on the cool side, but abundantly sunny. We certainly hope to help you make your home an even more habitable zone.

BatesRewards members like you, have a great opportunity. We are offering your choice of any one tree (limit one per BatesRewards household) at 35% off, with one exception: all Japanese maples. However, we are including all crape myrtles as well as southern magnolias! In addition to that, you will also be able to purchase all pansies, panolas, violas, as well as any other of our cool season plants, such as ornamental kale and cabbage at 25% off!

Grab your jacket and sunglasses; we’re here to help,

David Bates