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Archive date:  October 30, 2015


Fall back 1 hour, closed Sundays until spring

It is that time of year. It doesn't matter how much you may enjoy Halloween, one fact you can't deny: changes are coming. We’re knocking on the door of November. More than the expected weather changes that occur, the mental changes that accompany the season are subtle, yet undeniable. You have no doubt noticed, the days are getting shorter. For some, that transition alone has its difficulties. I find that I occasionally need to work inside with bright lights on to compensate for the ever-shortening day length. I don’t personally get into a mental funk with extra hours of darkness, but I surely can become less productive.  On some level, we are all affected, and the days will continue to get shorter for nearly two months! Better check your light bulbs.

You won't catch me with pom-poms or leading cheers supporting daylight saving time.   We all know that no daylight is actually saved.  We have simply time-shifted.  It is that unnecessary exercise in national time confusion that is a head scratcher.  I fail to see any real benefit.  I understand the ‘arguments’ from ‘a proponent’, Benjamin Franklin: Saving Candles.  He wrote an essay called “An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light” to the editor of The Journal of Paris in 1784. In the essay, he suggested, jokingly, that Parisians could economize candle usage by getting people out of bed earlier in the morning, making use of the natural morning light instead. Since candles have long since been relegated to aromatherapy & emergency lighting situations, it seems a bit much to jump everyone through the twice-a-year hoops of resetting our clocks, both internally and externally. 

Here’s my suggestion: Pick one.  I could care less which. Okay, I’m done.  Now I will carefully step down off of this soapbox.

Here’s a transition list: Pull your summer annuals, plant pansies, trick or treat, fall back and hopefully go to Bates…by Saturday…we are now closed Sundays until spring!  Let us help you transition into late autumn and get your gardens glorious!

David Bates