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Archive date:  October 15, 2015

Jack Frost

Being prepared for the seasonal changes

Don't act like you are surprised. It happens every year. Right on schedule, Jack Frost will be paying us a visit. Our average first frost date in the fall is between October 15th and the 20th. With much cooler weather moving in tomorrow, it would appear that Saturday and Sunday mornings we have a great possibility of frosty conditions. To be sure, the likelihood is far greater in outlying areas as opposed to those who live in the city. Forecast temperatures are in the upper 30’s, mid 30’s away from town. Fortunately, the frost and freezes that occur in the fall are beneficial. While it may make you a bit sad to see the summer flowers go by the wayside, it does indeed signal the inevitable change that comes with autumn.

So what should you do? You should be taking a keen look around the patio and deck. In the event you have tropicals that you wish to ‘winter-over’, some action is required. It is one thing to consider what you need to bring inside, it is another thing to consider what you may be bringing in with them. In the event you bring those plants inside with haste, you will likely also be transporting pests, which can reproduce and quickly spread to other plants already inside.

For many, the easier choice is to simply leave them outdoors and let nature take its course. Most folks simply do not have sufficient light indoors to keep tropicals alive during the winter. If you do bring them in, be prepared to spray them to ward off unwanted pests. Using insecticidal soap usually gives good results, and is safe for the applicator. It is much easier to spray them outdoors. However, if your time runs short, place them in the shower, and spray them there.

With summer color on the wane, it is time to get fall color in place. We have an unrivaled selection that will make your garden dazzle and amaze! Jack Frost, pansies, and violas are happily chilly, autumn companions.

David Bates