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Archive date:  September 10, 2015

A Broken Record

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I know I sound like a broken record (I’m not sure that analogy still holds up in our digital age), but I say it every year; “Fall is for planting.”  To be sure, it is not the only time to plant; it is for most things however, the best time. The advent of container grown plants has indeed expanded our ability to plant essentially twelve months a year.  In reality, most people plant in the spring and some do in the fall. Based on what the weather gives us, it should be the other way around. We are creatures of habit.

My dad believed people were no different than bears: when days get short and the weather cools we start thinking about hibernating.  In spring, the bear in us all is ready to go forth and conquer.  Horticulturally speaking, there is no time like the present. If you have plans to plant trees, shrubs, groundcovers, fall color, or to overseed your lawn, the time is now.

The trucks have rolled in this week.  Our west coast shipments from Iseli, Monrovia, and many others have added significantly to our ever-expanding selection. There are many interesting additions to peruse.  Yesterday we received our incredible conifer and Japanese maple shipment from Iseli Nursery. It only seems fitting for you to get first pick… and save in the process. All Iseli products are 15% off for BatesRewards members; view Iseli’s conifers, and other items of interest, at www.iselinursery.com.

We have another deal for you as well.  Front and center at the nursery, you will find Double Pink Knockout Roses.  You will find an entire bed of Pink Knockout Roses.  They normally sell for $32.99.  While supplies last, we are selling these to our BatesRewards members for 50% off! Purchase any number for only $16.49! These plants are absolute top quality, in bloom, Double Pink Knockout Roses, while supplies last! All sale prices end Thursday, September 17 at 4pm.

We have a complete selection of fall color!

David Bates