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Archive date:  September 4, 2015

Time Travel

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Einstein theorized as to the existence of dilation of time.  That has since proven to be fact. I will not delve into the differences between ‘relative velocity’ and ‘gravitational’ time dilation.  I often struggle in explaining things to which I have little or no actual understanding.   Traveling afar on a jet is as close as any of us will ever get to any perception of time travel.  Einstein was not referring to jet lag. The crossing of many time zones in a few hours does create the illusion of time travel for me.  What time you seem to gain (lose) in one direction, you will certainly lose (gain) on the return trip.  Jet lag is imaginary for me; sleep deprivation is real.  I enjoy being in far away places, getting there and back, not so much.  Self-driving cars are on the near horizon; surely a ‘Transporter Room’ cannot be far behind.

Renee and I just returned from Hawaii. It was a vacation, but it was more of a long-distance birthday trip.  My dear friend of 35 years, Al Loo celebrated his 96th birthday.  I came to know Al, and his dear departed wife Bea, when I lived in Hawaii in 1980. I refer to Al as my adoptive Chinese-Hawaiian father. I feel a strong bond to Al and his entire family.  Last Saturday night, we were in attendance for his birthday dinner with 28 other friends in Honolulu.  I am already looking forward to his 100th birthday! That might seem a bit presumptuous, but Al still does volunteer work…and drives.  I might also add, he is the best 96 year-old-driver I have ever ridden with; Al is also the only 96 year-old I have ever ridden with.

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