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Archive date:  August 28, 2015


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I’m convinced.  The secret to success in life can be simply stated: Timing.  To be sure, a great many things occur that are well beyond our control.  I am not referring to those.  It is those things that lie directly in our path, where we clearly have a choice, to which I speak. 

If I am going to do something, with few exceptions, the best time is now.  The reason ‘now’ is the best time for me is because ‘now’ is when I’m thinking about it.  Here’s the reason why: No one has greater intentions than me; it’s my actions that often come up short. There are a great many things I intend to do, but for one reason or another, I get distracted and fail to get it done.  My dear friend, and never-ending source of wry wisdom, Don Sheffield, says it succinctly: “My priorities are what I did today”.  Priorities aren’t priorities if I don’t get them attended to.  I may glean a small sense of false comfort by reassuring myself that I intended to do something.  I only get a real sense of satisfaction when I actually take the action and do it.

Take rhizomatous undesirables such as Bermuda grass or Johnson grass in your fescue lawn, for instance.  You may have every intention of getting those sprayed before fall seeding season.  You know with absolute certainty that getting those killed before fall grass planting season is imperative to success in establishing a new turf.  Somehow a couple of weeks get past before you take action.  Be that the case, your timing will be off. The unwanted vegetation will certainly return next year, more firmly established. Do it now!

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David Bates

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