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Archive date:  July 30, 2015

An Epitome Pair

Two incredible ladies leave lasting memories

There is no singular activity that Kerene Box and Joanna Montgomery excelled in; they each seemed to master everything they touched.  Though their lives were vastly different, they each possessed the gift to touch a multitude of lives.

Kerene Box was a second mother to me. Growing up, our families spent a tremendous amount of time together.  Both families had 5 kids; four older boys, the youngest, girls. Our families naturally meshed. Kerene Box was the most sincere, loving, even tempered and genuine individual I have ever met.  A true magnetic personality; she attracted everyone. In her 89 years of life she always took time to visit and share the warmth of her incredible personality.  She is survived by: her husband of 69 years Jim, 5 children, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.  She left nothing incomplete, unfinished or unsaid. It is not possible for a human to make a more loving and graceful departure.

Joanna Montgomery was an imposing force.  It is rare to know someone with such gifted intellect and stunning beauty. She was a woman with great self-confidence, ability, and grit. She got married and had her only child at age 44.  It was through the necessity of emergency C-section surgery, due to late-term pregnancy abdominal pain, that her life took an imposing turn: Cancer. Let Joanna tell you her story.

Jo’s extremely open and frank writing ability, along with her will to survive, made her an instant media darling. In her blog, It’s Cancer Baby, she holds back nothing. Her blog is voluminous, insightful and gut-level honest. Tennessean writer, Jessica Bliss gives a touching tribute to Joanna, along with links to Jo’s many video appearances and writings of her experience. Joanna is survived by her husband of nearly 4 years, Mark and 3-1/2 year old daughter Magnolia Grace…Maggie.

Kerene Box and Joanna Montgomery each attained a true pinnacle existence.  Their personal standards were stratospheric. Fortune has smiled on me; my life crossed paths, with this epitome pair.

David Bates

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