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Archive date:  July 24, 2015

Fire and Rain

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Even though we have had a string of scorching days, the relief associated with the liquid salvation of rainfall, makes dealing with the heat a decidedly less difficult ordeal. It has been hot, but it is not dry.  You may have missed this: the weeds are growing… like weeds. That is to say, their extraordinary productiveness is typified by aggressive vigor with seemingly unstoppable flourishment: They are vegetation production machines, in case you haven’t noticed.

Weeds seem to grow without effort. The weeds however, do not have the exclusive domain of vigorous growth.  Established plantings in the landscape also grow at such a rapid rate, it can be difficult to keep them within bounds.  A thought with regards to pruning now: GET IT DONE. Ideally, plants need time to properly flush new growth and fully ‘harden off’ before fall freezes.  That time may seem to be in the distant future; but it is not. For most woody ornamentals, you should have this task completed by early August, little more than a week away.

While weeds appreciate the heat and humidity, as humans, those conditions can be downright debilitating. As a lifelong trudger of the outdoors, I am all-too-familiar with the effects that heat has.   For me, I find it much easier to deal with extreme heat when I start early…really early.  I typically start my day well before daylight, when the temperatures are comparatively cool.  Being out and working as the temperature rises is a much easier adjustment than stepping out the door when it is already above ninety degrees and rising. 

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David Bates