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Archive date:  July 16, 2015

Taking a Summer Stroll

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It seems most are getting enough rain to keep their watering minimized.  At least the ground seems to be receiving sufficient moisture to maintain a friable consistency. That means planting is still comparatively easy, as long as you don’t factor in sweat.  Perspiration aside, it is a perfectly acceptable time to plant; it is up to you to choose the time of day.

With the arrival of mid-July, the cadence of summer has reached full stride.  A string of warm, humid days punctuated here and there with a scorcher followed up by a bit cooler temps and some showers.  In some cases, there has been much more than showers; an outright deluge is not uncommon.  The folks in eastern middle Tennessee got a downpour of several inches of rain over a short period of time. There was some localized flooding, but fortunately, no serious injuries that I know of.  Some folks in eastern Kentucky were not so fortunate. One thing is certain; our weather is rarely dull.

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So no matter if you need to add a few “fill-in” plants to your perennials or if you want to plant a hedgerow, we have the selection to choose from and great value for planting en masse. We’re here to help you; take a few digital shots with your smartphone or tablet.  It helps us visualize your project.  We want to help you get the right plant in the right place, the first time!

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David Bates

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