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Archive date:  July 9, 2015


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Take a moment and look out from the garden…way out.  A once-in-a-lifetime event is about to occur.  The New Horizons spacecraft is closing in on its 9 year, 3 billion mile journey to Pluto.  A funny thing happed on the way to Pluto. Pluto got demoted to dwarf planet status. That in no way diminishes the significance of the event.  Over 85 years ago Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto’s existence.  Ever since, there has been much speculation as to the appearance and composition of Pluto.

New Horizons does a flyby of Pluto on July 14, Tuesday of next week.  The fastest object ever launched at over 36,000 miles per hour, communications with the spacecraft take over 4 hours…each way (at the speed of light)! Unlike missions to other planets, there will be no stopping for photo ops.  When you’re traveling 10 miles per second, you can’t stop easily, only flyby.

Speaking of flying by: today marks a significant personal event.  My wife, Renee and I have been married 30 years today.  Where did that time go?  It seems like our 25th was only a few months ago.  Wherever it goes, I’m grateful to be along for the ride.  I am frequently reminded of the obvious: l married up.  I’m happy about that.

The flyby of time has also had its effect on July. Summer is moving quickly.  It is as normally hot as you would expect, but we have had the great fortune of regular rainfall as an added bonus.  The soil is soft with summer rains and ready for the next landscape project.  We have a special deal for you; a BatesRewards member.

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Stop in, don’t just flyby!

David Bates