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Archive date:  June 26, 2015

Getting Away

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There is nothing like getting away.  After a long spring, a quick weekend trip to Connecticut for a bit of business, and catch up with friends finally arrived this past weekend.  Renee and I would fly out Saturday afternoon and arrive in Hartford early evening.  The trip started out with a delay here in Nashville; Baltimore, our connecting destination, was having weather issues. After a wait, and having a chance to update the weather situation ourselves, we wondered if we wouldn’t be better off to fly out early the next morning.  The ticket agent informed me we would have to purchase new tickets; there would be no chance for changing our travel plans without paying a high price.  Besides, she assured me the weather seemed to be improving, and we would be on our way shortly…and we were.


About 170 miles outside of Baltimore we received the news that our flight was being turned away.  We were being diverted to Raleigh-Durham.  We were informed that we had to land to get more fuel, that the delay would be short and our connecting flights were delayed also, so no worries!  After fueling we rolled out to the tarmac and waited.  After nearly and hour the decision was made to take us to the terminal.  By this time it was 8:30p, the time we were scheduled to be at our destination.  Two hours later, we again boarded for Baltimore; we finally arrived around 11:15p.


Time to change our flight arrangements; Hartford was cancelled for the evening. After an hour wait in line, we got the news from the ticket agent: we needed to get on the ‘first thing smoking’. The flight was 6:25a and we needed to pick up our bags by 4a. That meant sleeping in the airport; more accurately a series of 6 to 8, 20 minute naps.  The good news is we got our luggage by 5:30p Sunday afternoon, just in time for dinner with friends!


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David Bates