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Archive date:  June 18, 2015

Project Time

Take 15% off your entire order, plus 25% off one item for ‘Dad’

Let the projects begin.  It is that time of year.  It is the time where we take stock of the wear and tear on our facilities and do our best to keep up with Father Time’s certain degradation.  We’re fortunate to have been in business for many years, but time indeed takes its toll; I need only to look in the mirror for my daily reminder.

We are repairing existing structures that got damaged from the flood in 2010, replacing covers on greenhouse buildings and working on our sales lot.  Our sales lot is what a paving contractor would call a ‘target-rich environment’.  There are endless repairs to be made nearly everywhere you look.  We have painting to do. There are always plumbing issues to deal with.  Electrical issues arise from time to time.  Proper cooling and ventilation often make me hotheaded. Throw in a computer issue here and there and guess what? We even sell a few plants from time to time. 

I would be remiss if I failed to mention a significant event happening this weekend. 

Adam Burton is getting married. Adam has worked seasonally for us for years.  On Saturday he ties the knot.  Burton (that is how he is referred to at work since Adam Chapman also works here) is the brother of Shane Burton, also in my employ, and son of Julie Patterson, our resident plant procurement goddess.  I have accused Burton of trying to shut down my business for a day.  In addition to himself, his brother, and his mother all taking off for the big day, he has asked Adam Chapman to officiate the ceremony…we have called in the reserves!

I know you’re finishing up projects as well, and then there’s that whole ‘Father’s Day’ thing.  We can help you with both.  As a BatesRewards member, you will get 15% off your entire order, everything except gift cards and deliveries.  Additionally, you can get one item at 25% off for Dad!

The water is on ice!

David Bates