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Archive date:  June 5, 2015

Warming up to June

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May is officially down for the count. As wonderful as the weather was last month, you hate to see it pass. In my line of work, weather dictates everything you do and how well you do it. Actually, weather has quite a pull on us all. To this point, we've had seasonably mild temperatures and sufficient rainfall. The forecast ahead does not look particularly on the hot side and if the meteorologists are correct, we have excellent opportunity for more rain showers.


With as much planting that has transpired this spring, it is certainly beneficial, and appreciated, to seemingly have the weather on our side. We'll take every break we can get. As difficult as winter was on many gardens, it's nice to see the weather working with us to help keep things growing productively. There is no time like the present to complete your landscape project; we have been bringing in new items for you all week!


No doubt there is something in your yard you have been trying to nurse back to health. Hopefully you're having success with that. In the event you've got something that's not performing quite up to par, we have an opportunity for you to make a replacement and save some money in the process. Through the close of business on June 11th, we will extend to each BatesRewards member the opportunity to save on whatever you've had your eye on. You will receive 20% off of any one item. Gift cards and deliveries are excluded; everything else is fair game.


Search our extensive website, or better still, come out for a visit! You may choose from any item* sold as a single unit. You might choose a scoop of any one of our 20 different bulk materials, including EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend. It doesn't matter whether you decide to make the move and get that Japanese maple you have been pondering, or your crape myrtle has failed to grow properly, 20% off any item is yours!


David Bates


*one item per BatesRewards family