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Archive date:  May 29, 2015

A Synaptic Challenge

Mild weather prevails; excellent planting conditions continue!

As long as I live, I will never forget…oh, what’s his name?  It is right on the tip of my tongue.  We played football against each other. He went to school with that guy you see on T.V. who does those car commercials.  I’m sure you know who I’m talking about.  I think he sells Fords, no wait; he doesn’t sell cars, its trucks.  I think they’re Dodge; but I don’t think they call them Dodge anymore.  Anyway, my good friend, and I’ll think of his name in a minute, went to Hillwood High School with the guy that sells trucks.  No, maybe it was Hillsboro.

It doesn’t matter; the point is, I ran into them going into Green Hills Theater the other day.  Actually no, I believe it was Opry Mills.  We were all going to see that big remake of the movie from the 70’s, or maybe it was the 80’s.  You know, the one that has gotten great reviews.  The original one had that actor who got into all that trouble.  I know you know who I am talking about.  He did that epic film that was set in medieval times in Ireland or Scotland or somewhere over there several years ago…  I know one thing; it was sure good to see my old friend.  His name will come to me eventually. It was a good mind once.

Even if you never feel ‘synaptically challenged’, I’m pretty sure you occasionally misplace your keys. Perhaps you simply forgot a loved one’s birthday or you can’t recall why you walked into a room (and why do you have to go back to where you came from to remember?)  Here’s one thing I hope you never forget: If you need help with your landscape and gardening efforts, we’re here to help. Remember to take a few photos with your smartphone or tablet…it helps us to visualize your area, and we may have forgotten what we talked about with you last month!

Remember: iced bottled water, free all weekend!

David Bates