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Archive date:  May 22, 2015

Taking in the Rain

Open 8 AM until Noon Memorial Day!

Just a week ago, we were all beginning to get a bit concerned about the dry conditions. Swiftly, that situation has rectified itself. Even if you didn't get copious amounts of rainfall over the weekend, you probably got a significant amount last night. It appears we received about a quarter of an inch of rain here at the nursery. If you live downtown/south you likely received considerably more than that. All things considered most folks around the area have received an inch or more of rain since last Saturday. When you combine adequate moisture with wonderful cool temperatures it makes for great planting conditions.

It's the time of year when many begin to think that spring is nearly over; summer now staring us in the face. That is true of many years, but does not appear to be the case currently. The weather conditions could not be more perfect for putting the finishing touches on your garden. You need not go it alone.

We’re really grateful for the opportunity to assist you in your process.   We need to be able to take a look at what’s going on around the area in question. That’s where living in the digital age is handy. Simply take a few pictures with your smart phone or tablet and bring those along with you. This greatly assists us in visualizing your project and helps streamline the process of suggestions we make. After all, with thousands of plants we have to choose from, we do need to be able to narrow our focus just a bit.

Just a reminder, we will be open normal hours, 8-6 Friday, 8-5 Saturday, and Noon-4 on Sunday. Memorial Day, we will be open from 8 AM until noon. We want to give our staff the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones as well.

Beginning Tuesday, we will adjust our hours a bit. Our hours will then be: 8-5 through Saturday.  Don’t forget, we have free bottled water on ice available while you shop all weekend!

David Bates