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Archive date:  May 15, 2015

A Pansy Dilemma

If you’re going to plant summer annuals…

I understand. It is perhaps the most difficult of gardening decisions. There exists an internal resistive force, which naturally inhibits the appropriate response.  If you have waited until now to take action, it can be gut wrenching.   I encourage you to persevere, find the inner strength to make the change.  Be rid of those pansies and violas and make way for summer annuals. A pansy dilemma is treatable, but it requires acceptance.  No matter how beautiful they are now, soon they will suffer in the summer heat.  Waiting for the decline means sacrificing your best available selections and your best opportunity to get your summer annuals established before the weather begins to simmer.


If parting with your cool season pretties is more than you can bear, I have this to offer:  Simply dig them up and put them in containers.  We have plenty of recycled containers.  We will gladly furnish all you need to help ease the pain of this most difficult time.  Besides, not only can you continue to enjoy them, but you can give them as gifts to friends… and they will last much longer than cut flowers!


Forgive me while I gush.  This week, StyleBlueprint did a feature article on my wonderfully talented and lovely wife, Renée Bates.  As beautiful as she is outwardly, she is equally so within.  After nearly 30 years of wedlock, I am still amazed at how much I married up (others wonder also). The article is well deserved; Renée is a doer, she is not a seeker of attention.  I am very proud of, and for, my wife, life-partner, and best friend.


While it may not be apparent to you, there has been a shortage of plant material this year.  Demand for plants has out-paced many growers’ ability to produce.  We work diligently at keeping ahead by booking many plants a year or more in advance.  Julie Patterson tirelessly researches our suppliers to consistently find ‘jewels’ in the world of horticulture. She never sleeps; well, not much anyway!


Plant now…


David Bates