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Archive date:  April 10, 2015

The Birds and The Bees

It is time for us to have a little talk…

Pull up a chair and sit.  It is as uncomfortable for me to talk about as it is for you to hear it.  I guess you could find out about this from your friends; a lot of people do, but it frequently leads to misinformation, strange behavior and poor technique.  Avoiding awkward situations by being well informed on the most primal and instinctive aspects of life assures us all of successful relationships, no matter what position you are in.  It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready to do it in the bedroom or the backyard. That’s right, we’re talking about the birds and bees here, the non-euphemistic version. The actual birds and bees. What did you think I was talking about?


We are discussing taking care of plants by making use of what Mother Nature provides.  Birds and bees are two of the most visible attributes of successful gardening.  While it is true that most bedroom interaction with birds and bees is viewed through the window, make no mistake; what you do in the backyard contributes much to their presence, or the lack thereof. 


Birds provide much more than beautiful songs and splashes of color (as if that weren’t enough).  Birds eat harmful things that bug us such as caterpillars, gnats and flies.  Robins also eat earthworms that could reduce the incidence of moles; and while they’re there, they eat other bugs on the ground.


Bees are an obvious asset to the garden; most recognize that.  There are a few who would prefer to never encounter bees.  I am not speaking about those who happen to be allergic to their sting.  If you awake in the night with terror-filled attacks of yellow and black pollinators, if you are desirous of a bee-free garden, plant euonymus. Euonymus are not pollinated by bees.  They are the exclusive domain of flies.  So if you are a fly lover, you are in luck!


I’m glad we had this talk…


We have everything; come see us!


David Bates