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Archive date:  March 27, 2015

This Is Normal

Hours extend again, beginning Monday March 30th

Nothing is unusual.  Things are exactly as they should be.  In fact, things are more like they are now than they ever have been.  There is no cause for consternation. Breathe deeply and exhale.  Now that you are in a state of meditative bliss, begin thinking about your garden.  Your precious garden.  Your precious garden and all of your beautiful delights.  Now close your eyes and imagine what a hard freeze looks like…on your precious garden.  That should give you the imagery with sufficient clarity, to determine what, if anything, you should do to prepare. You may now open your eyes.


It may be your entire garden is dormant and still waiting for spring weather to fully cooperate.  If that is the case for you, you’re in luck.  You can close your eyes again, if you like.  If you can get into the ‘lotus’ position, be my guest. You have nothing to do, no preparations to make. 


It may be that you have some pretties poking their heads out a bit.  Perhaps there is just a touch of emerging growth buds. You might elect to do nothing, but covering these plants with a sheet would be prudent.  If you have the time and multiple sheets it may save tip growth.  Be careful however when getting three sheets to the wind: trouble may arise.


Any recent tree or shrub plantings will be fine.  This cold spell will not kill them, but it could make them look bad for a few weeks until new growth re-emerges.  Cover if possible, first with a sheet and then with a plastic bag.  The sheet is necessary to keep the tender growth from making contact with the plastic.  Wherever tender growth touches the plastic, it will get burned.


The most unfortunate of situations: you have already planted your tomato plants and peppers; warm season plants.  I have a question.  What are you thinking?  It is still March.  You should have waited at least two more weeks!  I digress.


We’re open until 6pm beginning Monday!


David Bates