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Archive date:  March 19, 2015

Spring At Last

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Tomorrow it is official; and it appears the weather concurs. That’s right, spring is finally here!  It couldn’t come at a better time.  While spring returns March 20th each year, some years it seems less definitive.  The weekend looks to be shaping up for a wonderful start.  Just like you, we’re ready to get it going!

It is hard to believe that two weeks ago Friday, we had 5-degree temperature readings at our weather station.  Spring seemed to be forever in the distance.  There was not a single plant on our lot (thankfully). In the time that has transpired, we have once again returned to at least a semblance of a nursery.  Actually, it is considerably more than a semblance.  While we’re not fully stocked as yet, we are approaching it rapidly.  The largest deficiencies are tropical plants and summer annuals.  This just in: It is a bit early for those…stay tuned! Cooler weather will surely succumb to progressively warmer springtime temperatures. Spring at last!

This is the time of year when it is not unusual to see me on T.V. talking about whatever it is that I talk about.  Rumor has it that WKRN News2 This Morning will be here at the nursery dark and early Friday morning around 5:30am.  We’ll be talking about spring and all the things you need to keep in mind for ‘everyone’s’ favorite season.  I’m looking forward to that.  Oh by the way, don’t worry; I don’t have to get up early to do this.  It is springtime…I can’t sleep.

Despite there being ‘a few’ things we don’t have as yet, I suspect you will be hard pressed to figure out what we might be missing.  This time of year, the trucks never stop rolling in.  The incredible Julie Patterson purchases and schedules all of our ‘green-goods’. Paula Crawford keeps everything beautiful in the garden center.  Adam Chapman heads up our customer services on the lot. Debbie Scales is a wealth of information and reins over perennials/annuals.

We’re ready,

David Bates