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Archive date:  March 6, 2015

Meteorological Hanky-Panky

We yield to weather; open Saturdays beginning March14

I don’t know about you, but I’m suspicious.  Perhaps I have simply watched too much “House of Cards” this week. I think there is definitely something going on between Mother Nature and Old Man Winter: They’re playing meteorological hanky-panky at all of our expense. It would seem the outcome of the weather has been altered due to their relationship.  Francis and Claire Underwood have nothing on them.  At least with Frank and Claire you know they’re up to no good.  I’m not shocked at the behavior of the Old Man; he’s always been cold and self-centered. But, Mother Nature please, you can do better than the Old Man, you deserve better…WE deserve better! Listen up, Old Man, it’s not nice to fool around with Mother Nature. Don’t be pitchin’ no more logs on the fire!  Put that Barry White record back in the sleeve. We would all have looked the other way a couple of months ago. Now all we can do is shiver, cuss and wait…disgustedly.


As you may have detected, I am a bit put out with winter.  I am over it.  We brought in three semi loads of plants this week with the intention of putting them directly onto the lot.  The plants still came in, but we had to make room to put them indoors.  The low temperatures tonight may reach single digits in many areas and near certain record cold temperatures everywhere in the area.


If you are worried about your plants, there is probably no reason to be.  Since winter has yet to release it’s grip, all of the plants in your landscape and gardens are still quite dormant.  Consequently, there is no cause for concern, as they are still ‘hardened-off’. That means we here at the nursery are in a ‘holding’ pattern.  Due to meteorological forces beyond our control, we will be closed the rest of the week. We will resume our pursuit of spring beginning next Monday, March 9th at 8am.  We will be open Saturday, March 14.


Much Warmth,


David Bates