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Archive date:  February 27, 2015

March, on the Horizon

Open Saturdays beginning March 7…weather permitting!

It is no secret.  When the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show opens, spring is but a whisper away.  This Saturday morning, on The At Home Show with Josh Cary and David Bates, Randall Lantz will be live, in studio for the full two hours.  Randall has been the show co-manager since the invention of the wheel; that is a pretty long time. He and I met when fire was discovered.  To the best of my recollections, fire was discovered somewhere in Belle Meade in the ‘60’s.


I invite you to listen this Saturday morning and call in.  You might be the lucky winner of a pair of tickets to, “Gardens of Eden; the 2015 Lawn & Garden Show”. We broadcast from 7-9am every Saturday morning on 99.7 FM WTN; now for more than seventeen years!  The lawn & garden show runs Thursday March 5 through Sunday March 8, at the usual location, The Nashville Fairgrounds!


Another bit of very important news! Now is the time when we put out the word for reinforcements.  Being a seasonal business, we must expand our full-time staff to include some avid gardeners who have a few computer skills and enjoy working outside and talking to people about plants.  Perhaps that is you.  If that is the case, simply drop by and fill out an application.  Ask for Paula or Sherry and they’ll give you the once-over, I mean the low-down, on where we have needs.  This you should know; we do have specific needs for delivery personnel and point-of-sale positions. Ours is a weekend business, so keep that in mind, hopefully you have some weekend time available.


With March looming, we all know that spring is drawing near.  It is often difficult to discern a precognitive progression of plant priorities with the weather being what it is…in control.  That is a way of saying; stay tuned! Our plan is to open on Saturday March 7th.  Right now the weather looks really promising.  Hopefully that will hold.  More to be revealed next week!


David Bates