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Archive date:  December 25, 2014

May I Have My Attention Please…

One Day Only; Farewell to Fourteen, 60% off everything that grows!

It’s the holiday time.  It is a time where we all take a deep breath and enjoy festive times with family and friends.  As fast as the time arrives, so too does it pass.  I have been trying my best to enjoy every moment of each day.  I am easily distracted, however.  It is usually me that distracts me.  Even at this writing, I seem to be fighting to keep my attention right here, right now.  It would seem my mind believes it needs to be preparing for being someplace other than where I am. There is nothing worse than being in a conversation with someone while my mind wanders elsewhere, to some future project or to something unfinished.

If I had a gift to give to myself, it would be staying in the moment…now where was I?

Oh... what I wish to say to you, is that it is my hope your holidays are filled with a multitude of wonderful moments and you are able to enjoy each and every one of them…with a minimum of distractions. Take a nighttime cruise of the neighborhood and enjoy the Christmas lights.  Stare at the fire and sip cider without thinking. Make bacon pancakes and eat with real maple syrup. Enjoy breathing. Read; “A Gardener’s Night Before Christmas”.

With all of the activities that go with the time of year, we still have one more to add to your list.  On Monday December 29, 2014 we will be offering all plants, everything that grows for 60% off!  The sale is Monday December 29th ONLY!  Be prepared to haul; come early for best selection. We move all remaining plants inside on Tuesday December 30, our last day of business for 2014. Be prepared for our Farewell to Fourteen Sale, Monday December 29 from 8am ‘til 4pm.  One Last Day in 2014 for the biggest sale of the year! The Sale ends MONDAY!

Bates Nursery will be CLOSED December 31, 2014 through January 4, 2014.

 David Bates