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Archive date:  December 19, 2014

The Final Four Before

Friday, Saturday, Monday & Tuesday 50% off Everything*

It is true; there are four shopping days remaining at Bates Nursery before Christmas.  Four days to save ginormously, and also in large amounts.  You might be tempted to trek out to the mall.  You should think twice, and save half.  For the four shopping days remaining for our BatesRewards members, you can make twice the haul with the same effort, or if you prefer, make the same haul with half.  In the event I haven’t confused you sufficiently, let me clear it up: Everything* at half-off, or 50% off, whichever you prefer.


When I say Everything* is half off, what that really means is there are but a few exceptions.  Those exceptions are: *Gift Cards, Deliveries, and Seed.  That is it.  Everything* else is half price, but only for four days: Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, December 19, 20, 22, & 23.  All bulk materials, all bagged materials, all baled materials, all chemicals, all fertilizers, all tools, all trees, all shrubs, all perennials, all roses, all broadleaf evergreens, all conifers, all deciduous shrubs, all groundcovers, topiaries too; all fastigate plants, all pendulous plants, all variegated plants, all ornamental grasses, all edible landscape plants, all teeny-weenie plants, all plants larger than teeny-weenie. This even includes all remaining ‘Buck-a-Gallon’ plants!


Keep this in mind as you shop: Come prepared to haul all merchandise yourself.  Bring your truck, bring your trailer, bring your van, bring your neighbor, bring their truck, bring your minivan, bring your tarp (you might need it!).  If necessary, make two trips, perhaps three.  With the shortness of time, we cannot deliver.  We will be unable to ‘HOLD’ items.


We recommend strongly you take all purchased items with you at the time of purchase. We make every effort to secure items that have been sold; however… In the frenzy of buying, occasionally people forget what ‘SOLD’ means.  We try our best to secure all purchased plants; the best way to be sure, is to be ready to take them with you, when purchased.


Happy Holidays!


David Bates