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Archive date:  November 21, 2014

A Hand Up

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I recall well the events of six years ago.  I had just re-possessed my business.  Clearly there was a miscommunication: I believed I was selling my business, they thought I was giving it away. Long story short, a lot of people were owed a huge amount of money and they were understandably unhappy about it.  I was in the position of having to initiate contact, with more than a hundred and fifty companies, and give them the bad news.  Over the ensuing six months, I spent at least eight hours each day dealing with lawyers, bill collectors and financial directors. Eventually, I was able to communicate the reality of the situation.  Most were upset, but understanding.  There were a few surprises; some who I believed to be friends turned out not to be.  Going through difficult times can create the opportunity to gain insight not normally visible. Being a friend is an action; it needs no verbalization. Let it suffice to say, without the help of friends, many of life’s obstacles would be impossible to overcome.


It is with that thought in mind I ask your consideration. A few months ago Greg Werle, who has been handling deliveries for the last several years here at Bates, was diagnosed with skin cancer. If you have received a delivery from us, it was likely Greg who made it.  His skin cancer was treated successfully.  Later, cancer of another variety was found on his tongue.  He has undergone months of chemotherapy and radiation; and his battle with cancer continues. His primary employer, who promised to ‘stand behind him’ through his cancer treatment, did so, and then terminated his contract two weeks after completion of his initial treatments. The financial implications are obvious.  A donation website has been set up: Greg Werle’s Cancer Fundraiser.  Thank you for allowing me to speak to you on behalf of my dear friend; no donation is too small!


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David Bates