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Archive date:  November 7, 2014

Optimal Conditions

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The timing couldn’t be better.  The conditions are perfect. If re-arranging your gardens and landscaping has been on your mind, it’s the perfect time to act! With our first official freeze of the season now behind us, and ample moisture in the ground, it is the time to get your fall season transplanting underway.  The cool conditions make working outdoors a pleasure.  Even if it’s not a pleasure for you, it’s still as good as it gets.  If transplanting pushes you out of your comfort zone, here are few tips to relieve some of the angst.


Many moons ago, I put together a reasonably detailed transplanting article, Transplanting Time. Simply click the link for more detail on the finer things to keep in mind, such as: root pruning, proper digging practices, planting recommendations, mulching and last but not least, watering. Minimizing the time the transplanted tree, shrub or other plant is out of the ground greatly increases the chances for survival.  It is for that reason I recommend digging the hole where the plant will be relocated first.  It is not uncommon to find things underground that are unexpected.  Things such as large rocks or stumps underground often make selecting an alternative location necessary.  It is possible that digging may be hazardous, or at least cause unnecessary service interruption.  I recommend you contact Tennessee One-Call System.  Before you dig call ‘811’ or visit them online at: http://www.tnonecall.org/.


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David Bates