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Archive date:  October 10, 2014

Patience, Grasshopper

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As certainly as the pendulum swings in one direction, it reverses itself. So too it is with weather.  Last week we were reeling from exceptionally dry weather and grim prospects for fall seeding projects. We now have near perfect conditions.  I have heard the calls from turfgrass doom-and-gloomers: “We have missed our best opportunity this year!” To the contrary, the best time has only now arrived. With ample moisture in the ground, aerating and overseeding can now begin in earnest.  If you have already put down your seed and have yet to see results, remember the words of Master Po to Kwai Chang Caine, “Patience, Grasshopper”.


If the previous reference is too obscure for you, it simply means you missed the early/mid seventies show “Kung Fu”.  It was one of my favorites.  Actor David Carradine portrayed the character ‘Caine’.  It was a show filled with intrigue and conflict, perhaps much like your lawn…and mine.  Patience is difficult, especially when you’re waiting…and waiting for your grass seed to germinate.  There may be a few difficult stones to remove along the way. You may feel angst in your process.  You may wonder if you will ever grasp that last stone successfully from Master Kan. When you do, you will know it is time for you to leave…for Bates Nursery.  When seeding, keep your head bowed.  Not only will this make you appear humble, but it will help you see where the seed is being spread. I think that is the message Master Kan was sending to us…or, perhaps just me.


There is a message we humbly receive.  Bates Nursery has again been voted, “Best Nursery & Garden Center” by the readers of the Nashville Scene.  What that really means is: voted by you, our BatesRewards members. Your vote, in my mind, is less about the business; it says more about our people.  The staff here at Bates Nursery is what makes this recognition possible.  We do strive to be the best.  We appreciate the confidence you place in us! Thank you.


David Bates