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Archive date:  September 25, 2014

Halcyon Start

Time is right; savings continue on PTT Fescue for overseeding!

Halcyon is one of those words that make you feel silly, when attempted to be used in everyday conversation.  It rarely comes up in my world. I never recall anyone asking, “Are you having a halcyon day?” I don’t think I have ever heard anyone attempt to calm someone and conjugate: “Breathe deep and think halcyonic thoughts dear”. It just doesn’t happen. It does occur however with regard to the beginning of fall weather.  I am not halcylucinating.


It is difficult to stay indoors at this time.  When the weather is so extremely sublime, it is just wrong.  It matters not what your project may be: Establish your directive and proceed. There is no time like the present, but remember also, haste makes waste. That is to say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  Every worthwhile endeavor requires some advance planning.  Take a few moments to ponder that on which you wish to take action.  If you are planning a small landscape project, it might start with simply taking a few pictures or making a rough sketch of the area(s) you are contemplating.


It may well be that you have strong convictions of what you wish to use in your plantings.  That is a good start, however often times a specific thing you have in mind may not be presently available or there may be alternatives you have not considered that may well give the desired effect better than your initial choice. I strongly encourage you to bring your information and ideas to us; we’ll be glad to help guide you through your selection process.  It can be distracting once you start looking around…there are so many options it can be overwhelming.


Since fall is officially here, that means we are again open Sunday afternoons.  Starting Sunday, we’ll be open from Noon until 4pm; our Monday through Saturday hours will remain 8am to 4pm. Our plant selection is only superseded by our expertise. We are here to help… every day!


Best halcyon wishes,


David Bates