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Archive date:  September 19, 2014

Oh, Camellia!

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Yes, I remember the days well when camellia envy ran rampant. It was a time when only the ‘privileged’ few were able to enjoy the splendor that camellias afford; they had greenhouses to over-winter these belles of the Deep South.  The rest of us in the mid-south could only dream of having these striking landscape specimens in our gardens. It simply got too cold here.  It would never be possible to know this joy.


Then something happened.  Dogged determination to find winter hardy plants happened in both Korea and China.  These plants led to the developmental stock that has produced most of the winter hardy plants available today. Many years of crossbreeding and cultivation were still required to crack the code.  Consequently, there are now around one hundred varieties that will not only live, but also consistently flower in middle Tennessee.


Camellias require similar soil conditions to rhododendrons, but are decidedly less persnickety.   Camellias require a well-drained soil high in acidic organic content.  We recommend to plant using EarthMix® PSC (premium soil conditioner).  It would also be a good idea to fertilize using Espoma® HollyTone organic fertilizer.


Site selection is important.  Camellias prefer a minimum amount of direct sun; filtered light is best, where they receive a bit of shade from nearby trees, shrubs or structure. This is particularly important in the early morning and late afternoon. To see a complete list of all camellias we currently have in stock, simply go to www.batesnursery.com and click on the ‘Products and Services’ tab; type in the word camellia, and press enter.  This information is updated daily, so check back often for availability and pricing updates for camellia and everything else we have.


With the official start of fall less than a week away, we are stocked with all of the goodies that go with the season.  We have decorative pumpkins, gourds and squash.  We have fall color galore; plants, trees and shrubs of every description and growth habit… and a vast selection of camellias.


We hope to see you,


David Bates