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Archive date:  August 15, 2014

The TBCC and Me

You make the call; 50% off one item or 25% off your entire order!

I remember the phone call like it was yesterday; I just don’t remember exactly when it was.  My good friend in the nursery industry, Frank Collier, called to ask me if I could help him out.  He was in a tight spot. Frank had been gracious in supplying pink flowers for a non-profit group in the Nashville area. The time had slipped up on him and he was looking for some help to create a pink ribbon from flowering plants. His friends, Barbara and Mike Eller were hosting the fundraiser.  It was to be a one-time deal; just to help ol’ Frank out. I rarely see Frank any more.


Now, more than a decade later, we’re still providing the setup and flowers for the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition pink ribbon at Hermitage Golf Course. Mike and Barbara are now longtime friends. Bates Nursery & Garden Center is a proud sponsor of the TBCC Celebration of Life golf tournament, being held tomorrow at their beautiful facility.  Through the example of unwavering commitment the Eller’s show, we are grateful for the opportunity to lend our support to this most worthwhile cause. You can contribute also.  Print this donation form to purchase a flower or number of flowers for breast cancer survivors or in memory of a loved one that lost in their struggle to defeat the disease. Get full details on all the great work done by the TBCC at www.tbcc.org.


It doesn’t matter if you’re gardening or golfing, the weekend weather looks picture-perfect. The forecasted rains actually came! Pleasant temperatures and great soil moisture are the perfect gardening combination. I can’t decide which is better. 


You get to make your own decision this week.  Through the end of business on Thursday August 21st, you make the call: Choose either 50% off any single item or 25% off your entire order.  Regretfully, you cannot choose both.  You can, however choose to pick up a free bottle of ice cold water while shopping.


David Bates