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Archive date:  July 25, 2014

Late July Priority: Trimming

30% off all landscape plants extended through the end of July!

I heard a wise soul once say; ” My priorities are what I did today”.  That is to say, it is easy to talk about what I may need to do, but if you look at what I actually did, a different story of ‘my priorities’ may be revealed.  I have another friend who would say, “Nobody has better intentions than I do; it’s my actions that often come up short”.

If you have looked over your landscape and have intended to do trimming this summer, the last great opportunity for 2014 is arriving.  It’s not that you can’t trim beyond the end of July; it just gives the plants you are trimming a chance to push out new growth, mature and harden off before the freezes of fall.  That’s right, the freezes of fall.  It is hard to contemplate the notion of freezing temperatures in July, but trust me, they will return, and there are preparations you need to make.

The reason this is such a good time for trimming many plants is that they will have time to flush new growth.  That growth will have ample time to properly ‘harden-off’ before the freezes of November.  It may seem that November is too far away to worry.  That might be true in other areas, but where your plants are concerned, the time is perfect.  It is also a great time to fertilize.  Fertilizer helps give those plants nutrition to push the new growth out and restore some of the vigor and vitality that might have been lost during the hot summer season thus far.   I strongly recommend using organic fertilizer, such as Espoma® HollyTone.

We are extending our 30% off all landscape plants sale through the end of July; that is only a week away so don’t delay…August will be here the end of next week! Come in and enjoy a bottle of iced water while you shop; you’ll find those in the perennial area. 

Keep your summer growing at Bates Nursery,

David Bates