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Archive date:  July 18, 2014

The Hurrier I Go, The Behind-er I Get

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I am an avid user of cruise control.  I find it to be an indispensible tool.  If I had an autonomous, self-driving car, I would use it every day (please hurry GOOGLE!). Too often when I’m driving, my mind is pondering some aspect of any number of projects I’m working on.  My eyes are on the road and my mind is working on a puzzle. Cruise control eliminates the need to monitor my speed…when I engage it.  I failed to do so yesterday.  I believe that over 99% of the time I am traveling within the posted speed limit while driving.  Did you know that law enforcement officials, whose job is to enforce things such as speed limits, are not impressed by that statistic?


There is nothing, which propels you into the moment, like flashing blue lights. If you are having trouble keeping your life in ‘the now’, flashing blue lights will fix that. Any disconnect I might have been suffering from, relating to my vehicular forward motion, dissipated in a nanosecond.  An instant earlier I could have easily passed a polygraph interrogatory regarding my speed. After a single blue flash, I had already entered the realm of acceptance: “License and proof of insurance please”.


Let the record show: I appreciate and respect the job our law enforcement personnel perform.  They put their lives on the line for us daily. Make no mistake; I put myself in the tenuous position of having that one-on-one discussion. Growing up can be so difficult. I relate this to make a point.  The plants in your care are not concerned with what percentage of the time you are diligently tending to their needs; they do not take days off.  99% of the time may not be good enough; remember your plants before vacationing by making watering arrangements.


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David Bates