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Archive date:  July 11, 2014

Wet or Dry?

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Do not allow yourself to be deceived. Depending on where you live, the current state of soil moisture will vary widely. Over the past week, we have heard weather forecasts for widespread rainfall. In many areas, that is indeed what occurred. While it may be true in many areas, it is not true in all. Areas south of Nashville and in southern Kentucky both received copious amounts of rainfall. It was spotty elsewhere. It may well be that you live in one of those spots where the rainfall was substantial. My point is this: unless you have a rain gauge or you use some other measure of precipitation, such as a pan or bowl sitting outside, you may not have gotten as much rain as you believed you were going to receive.


I am not saying we are in a drought. We are not. I feel it is important, as we approach mid-July, to raise your awareness of possible water needs by your plants. Here is a quick and easy method to assess actual soil moisture in your neighborhood. Drive around looking specifically for River Birch trees. Invariably, they will be the first to show signs of distress due to lack of water. The telltale sign of yellowing leaves is a sure indicator. Successful gardeners are always vigilant. Whether it is yellowing leaves or the subtle discoloration of lawns; make no mistake, the signs are there. You could stick your finger in the ground.


So it is about this time when you're thinking, "It must be too late to plant". Not so fast. Things that you planted this spring will require watering all summer. So too, will things you plant now. The only difference is: newly planted flora’s root systems will not initially draw moisture from the surrounding soil.


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The gardening continues all summer long,


David Bates