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Archive date:  June 27, 2014

Nice Summer Start

Get 33% off annuals, pottery, EarthMix® bagged products extended, plus pick ANY other item at 33% off; …and free veggie plants for community gardens

It's official now; summer has arrived! To be sure, each seasonal change brings its own challenges and rewards.  I want to let you know a week in advance: We will be closed next weekend, in observance of July 4th.  We are taking the opportunity to give our entire staff a long weekend.  They have certainly earned it. 


We are again experiencing a very kind weather pattern.  We gardeners are grateful for that. It seems as though we have a few hot and dry days, then we have a few cooler days with rainfall.  That is the kind of weather that really keeps things growing!  It likely is keeping other things that you wish wouldn’t grow, growing as well.  Weeds will grow in any conditions, but they currently are growing...well, like weeds!  If you can get your weed pulling scheduled to just after a soaking rain, you will meet much less resistance when pulling.  It’s hard enough work as it is; no need to make it harder.


We want to extend an invitation to community gardens. We have vegetable plants to share! While supplies last, we will donate to any community garden project up to 10 flats of vegetable plants. The vegetable plants will be available to community gardens on a first come, first served basis… so don’t delay! Please be prepared to show verification of your community garden association.  I suggest you be here at opening Friday morning to have your best choice/chance.


We have extended our 33% off pottery, annuals and bagged EarthMix® products for another week, plus we are giving an added reward: You may select another single item at 33% off as well!  That item can be bulk material or perhaps a topiary selection.  You may get a Japanese maple, crape myrtle or magnolia.  Any single item, not already specially priced is available.  Remember: gift cards and deliveries are excluded.  We're now open Monday – Saturday 8am to 4pm.


David Bates