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Archive date:  June 20, 2014

Shifting Into Third

Summer hours begin; ⅓ off annuals, pottery, EarthMix® bagged products

It is indeed time to shift gears.  Summer officially arrives on Saturday. With the obvious changes that summer brings, there are a few less obvious.  Those of you who allowed patience to override impulsiveness are receiving dividends. Many of the plants that looked for all intents and purposes to be dead from the winter are miraculously returning from the dead.  While it is not unusual to have an experience with a burning bush here at the nursery (or perhaps at your home) there are no miracles taking place, with regard to the plants and their apparent resurrection.


I was sure my fig was dead at my house. Even as late as a month ago, it showed no signs of life.  I did want to give it every chance; since it was a gifted ‘King Arthur’ fig from my friend, Oscar Mims in North Georgia.  Finally, when I had become resigned to its untimely demise, a green shoot emerged at ground level.  I immediately pruned off all of the plant, excepting the stub of this one stem and shoot. I also put two heaping handfuls of Espoma® PlantTone organic fertilizer around the base. Today there are no less than 15 stems, all at least a foot tall! The seemingly miraculous recovery exhibits clearly what we have been telling folks for years: while freeze damage can be extensive above ground, the root system is still insulated by the soil; patience often rewards a full recovery.


We make a return to summer hours beginning this Saturday.  The hours will be, 8am – 4pm Monday through Saturday; we will be CLOSED on Sundays through the summer season. Since Friday June 20 is the last day of spring, our 15% off all merchandise will continue through the end of business on Friday.  Beginning Saturday, ALL annuals in the flattop greenhouse, ALL pottery, and ALL bagged EarthMix® products will be off! These discounts will continue through Thursday June 26.  We have free bottled water to insure your proper hydration while shopping!


David Bates