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Archive date:  June 13, 2014

Full Moon, Friday the 13th & Father’s Day

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It appears to be a big weekend for events beginning with the letter “F”. This is the first time in 13 years that Friday the 13th and a full moon fall on the same date. The last occurrence of this was October of 2000; my research shows that absolutely nothing of significance happed. The only clue of impending doom surrounding last time around was a list of forgettable movies; calling them forgettable is actually generous, as I have no recollection of: Cyberworld 3D, Denti, or Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire.


Moving along, it is the time of year where we should remember to connect Father’s Day with an important gardening activity: Bagworm and Spider mite control on conifers. For those persons wanting to take the most organic and earth-friendly approach, I suggest Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew.   Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew contains Spinosad®, a trusted organic chemical used extensively in organic fruit production; does a good job on both spider mites and bagworms…as long as you apply now.  Both pests are either in juvenile or low infestation stage; that will change quickly. 


Failure to act fast will likely result in needing to take more aggressive action by using systemic insect controls containing either Acephate or Imidacloprid, both are considered unlucky in some places. We have Hi-Yield 38 Plus spray (contains permethrin), if you prefer a fast-acting contact spray. Permethrin is also very good for a number of other pests; probably has the most diverse insecticide label of any product on the market today. The frequent rains have likely helped to keep spider mites at bay.  They are prolific in hot, dry conditions and we have had little of either. Bagworms however are not so easily deterred. Take appropriate action.


We have received Arp Rosemary! You can save on rosemary as well as 15% off all your merchandise (gift cards and deliveries excluded) and save 25% on one item for Dad (or for yourself, our lips are sealed)!


David Bates