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Archive date:  June 5, 2014

Light Show

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That was quite a show last night. I'm not talking about the CMA awards. I'm talking about the show outdoors. For me, it started around 1 AM…then there was the 3 AM encore. I admit I did not step to the window to watch in the earliest morning hours. I got my view of the show much later, about 4:30 AM. By then, it had all moved south of town; the sky was in near perpetual lightning illumination. I always enjoy watching lightning, at least when I'm over 20 miles away from it.


One interesting phenomenon I noticed this morning was the wide range in rainfall that was received. At the nursery for instance, we received less than a quarter of an inch. Other sites around the mid-state received over 4 inches. There is one thing that occurs, seemingly without fail: thunderstorms occur every CMA week. Considering the twisted sense of humor Mother Nature has, it only adds pressure for all of us to keep the southern hospitality flowing for our visitors.


For all of us locals, the rainfall is decidedly beneficial. At least it is for folks like us, who enjoy taking a break from daily watering. Proper watering is one of the keys to success in gardening. Fortunately, most have a pretty good handle on what the watering needs are in and around their landscape. Strangely however, the most common question asked is: “Is it too late to plant?" When I am able to restrain myself from giving an exact ‘time of day’ answer to the question, I try to frame the answer, "When it's too late to water." That is to say, it really is never too late to plant.


If you planted anything this spring, you will be watering all summer. With almost everything being container grown these days, the season for planting is nearly boundless. With that in mind, we are extending to our BatesRewards members, 15% off all merchandise* through the end of spring!


Happy gardening,


David Bates


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