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Archive date:  May 16, 2014

Declaration of Independents

Six o’clock closing time ends Friday May 23rd

Talk about risk-takers.  The folks at the Nashville Ledger took a big risk in their last issue: they put me on the cover. I want to say a big ‘Thank-You’ to Lyle Graves and the staff of the Ledger! The article was not just about me, and what we try to do here at Bates.  It also gave great coverage to our friends at Moore & Moore West and Gardens of Babylon.  We ‘Independents’ work hard to differentiate what we do as compared to the ‘Big Boxes’.   I always consider it an honor to be mentioned with our friends in like business; we’re not competitors, we’re on the same side.  Although we each take a slightly different approach, we all do it from the same prospective: Quality plants and expertise.


It’s hard to believe the middle of May has arrived.  Even though we have had a bit of warm weather, we continue to enjoy cool spells to keep the season going.  We continue to bring in truckload after truckload of the finest quality plants available anywhere. This week we have received shipments from both of Monrovia’s west coast nurseries as well as several other suppliers.  We have also fully re-stocked our annual and perennial selections (you may even notice new signage).  While you may encounter late season, lack of selection issues elsewhere, we continue to have everything you are looking for!


As professional horticulturists, we take the culture of and success in growing plants seriously.  There is no length we are unwilling to go to improve our techniques and expertise.  We do so to transmit that knowledge to you, so that you may rightfully expect to grow plants that don’t just survive, but thrive. This process has propelled us to produce our line of EarthMix® Soils and Mulches.  We believe that every plant receives the best chance to thrive by using our EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend or EarthMix® Premium Soil Conditioner.  As you know, success in gardening begins at the ground level!


Looks like a wonderful weekend,


David Bates