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Archive date:  May 9, 2014

It All Started With Anna

Extensive selections for Mother's Day; Saturday classes: Permaculture and Square-Foot Gardening

Exactly 100 years ago, President Woodrow Wilson made it official: Mother's Day is a national holiday. This holiday came as a result of the efforts of Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis campaigned for many long years to bring the holiday to fruition. She did so, to honor her own mother, who passed away in 1905. In a strange twist of self-inflicted irony, Anna Jarvis campaigned vigorously to have the holiday rescinded in 1923. She took strong exception to companies such as Hallmark cards or candy makers benefiting from this occasion. In 1925, she was arrested for protesting at a fundraising event where mothers of war participants were selling carnations. I hope it wasn't Mother's Day.


At the risk of drawing the ire, of now long since departed Anna Jarvis, I encourage you to make sure to remember your mother. If you can, try first doing something nice for your mom. You might try giving her a hand in the garden. It would be quite thoughtful to weed her perennial bed. If you don't know your perennials however, it could be disastrous. What is a weed to you… might just be her prized peony. This may well be one of those thoughtful areas where working with supervision is advised.


If you're into the gift-giving aspect, we have you covered. We have hanging baskets galore that will reflect the beauty you see in her. We have blue or pink potted hydrangeas in full bloom; guaranteed to impart your thoughtful intent. We also have roses galore! These are not cut flowers; our roses will keep on blooming throughout the summer.


Perhaps spending time with mom in an educational endeavor might be right down both of your alleys. This Saturday at 11 AM, our dear friend Rowena Aldridge will be talking square-foot gardening; additionally, our new friend Jessica Enzo will follow up that event, at 3 PM. Jessica will be talking about permaculture and the finer points of sustainable land use. Email:  sarabates@batesnursery.com  to secure your seat(s)!


David Bates