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Archive date:  April 24, 2014

Sunny Disposition

Rowena Aldridge talks seed germination in The GreenRoom this Saturday!

Happy. It's that happy time of year. It's the time of year when the weather is wonderful, and so long as you avoid the news, all is right with the world. Optimism abounds. Winter is a distant memory. Cool mornings and warm, brilliant afternoon sunshine make for an intoxicating mix: It makes people happy. Even the aches and pains we might be feeling move to the background. It is spring, and hope ‘springs’ eternal.


We are dirt diggers. You and me. I don't know why we are, but we are. Gardening remains as one of the few remaining activities that allow us to completely unplug from our collective technological existence (okay, I didn't mean now). Let's face it; we suffer from information overload. We have been led to believe that to be successful in any endeavor you must be able to multitask. We'll save that debate for another day. Gardening on the other hand is more like a string of singular tasks. The physical activity involved seems to prevent preoccupation with life's other distractions.


One of the great gardening activities that engages many is square foot gardening. We are pleased to have Rowena Aldridge in The GreenRoom this Saturday! Rowena will share her experience and infectious enthusiasm at 11a and 2p. If you're interested in getting more production in less space with less effort, you owe it to yourself to hear what she's got to say. To reserve your seat, please email Sara Bates: sarabates@batesnursery.com. Seating is limited and they go quickly. Do not delay.


In the words of my dear departed brother-in-law, Sid Warf, “Don't let fear and common sense get in the way…" That was Sid’s way of saying: it is time to do what you have been thinking about doing. We have moved decidedly from the ‘planning’ stage to the ‘planting’ stage. Regardless of what you have been thinking of planting, chances are we have it. Regardless of what landscape situation you have, we have encountered it. We are happy to help you in your garden!


David Bates