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Archive date:  April 9, 2014

Special Edition – Frost/Freeze Advisory!

Take action today to protect your recent purchases!

As a valued friend of Bates Nursery, you need to be aware of possibly damaging weather occurring tonight and early morning tomorrow. You have recently purchased plants that could be damaged if you fail to protect them.  Annual flowers and garden plants are at the greatest risk. It is very important that you protect these tender plants as forecast low temperatures are expected to dip, possibly into the upper 20s.


Of secondary importance, perennial plants with tender new growth will likely receive damage. Any other plants, which have delicate new growth on them, may also be damaged. These secondarily important plants are not in danger of being killed; the new growth can be blackened by the cold weather, however.


You should concentrate your efforts on protecting the annual flowers and garden plants you have recently purchased. Forecast low temperatures will not simply damage these; it will likely kill them outright. In the event you have not gotten purchased plants in the ground yet, the easiest action to take is to put them in the garage. If you have planted them, cover them with sheets, at a minimum. If you have wheat or pine straw, you should consider mulching around the tender plants first and then cover with a sheet. The straw will both insulate and provide support for the sheet/covering to lie upon.


So long as you cover with a sheet first, you may put plastic over the top of that. Never put plastic in direct contact with tender foliage or flowers! With a sheet underneath, enough insulation is provided to prevent ‘freeze-through’; the plastic will provide superior ability to trap warmth provided by the ground.


As frequently the case, cold temperatures such as we are expecting are preceded by high winds. This will make covering your plants significantly more challenging. Try to have sufficient numbers of bricks, rocks or other heavier items to weight down the edges. It will also be significantly easier if you have some help from friends.


Don't delay; take action now!


David Bates