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Archive date:  March 27, 2014

Bella: The Bunny Rescuer

Warmer, possibly slightly wetter weather for the next couple of days

She walked into the office with a look of distress on her face, and a squealing bunny in her mouth. Our official mascot, and all-round good dog Bella, surprised us yet again. What at first appeared to be a classic case of animal instinct; big animal attacks small defenseless animal, turns out to be conversely: maternal instinct.


As Bella carefully placed the bunny on the rug at my feet, it quickly became apparent that the young rabbit was in no way injured, just soaked from slobber. I immediately tried to discern from whence the rabbit had been fetched, but to no avail. I searched to find a suitable, reasonably safe location for release. I put the young hare through the chain-link fence only minutes later to retrieve it and place it in another spot. Evidence soon brought to bear the fact that this bunny had been nesting in a small pile of pine straw we use for display purposes.


Within minutes of that discovery, Bella soon emerges with yet another young bunny. The siblings apparently got lost and separated inside the garden center building. With cold weather coming, we couldn't bear the thought of putting them out, just yet. So a hastily constructed domicile consisting of a cardboard box, pine straw, and heating pad came together. Both are doing well, in preparation for resuming their normal outdoor life, early next week.


We invite you to come out and give Bella’s bunnies a congratulatory look. We can only hope, they encounter maternal animals, like Bella, the rest of their way. While you're here, make sure and check out our ever-growing selection of perennials as well as annuals. We also have an extensive selection of fruiting plants; suitable for any sunny location you have in your garden. We pride ourselves for not just being purveyors of quality plants, but as promoters and educators of best horticultural practices. Bring us images on your phone or tablet of your gardening areas in question!


We're here to help,


David Bates