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Archive date:  March 20, 2014

The Spring is Back!

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You can see it in the way people walk. What was an indiscernible hitch in their giddyup, became evident by 11:57 AM: spring officially arrived! I'm pretty sure the abundant sunshine helped; particularly with the absence of it earlier in the week. While the temperatures may not rise consistently on a curve, the lengths of the days most certainly will. Since the 12th of March, we have been clicking along at an additional day length of two minutes and 18 seconds. We will continue at this rate until the 26th of March. After that date, the rate will begin to slow, only gaining two minutes and 17 seconds; and continuing to decrease. By the end of spring on June 20th, we will gain only three seconds. I believe the spring and everyone's step is as much a result of quantity of sunlight as well as the quality thereof.

 As an aspiring amateur meteorologist, I can assure you I possess no powers of prognostication. In as much as my forecast crystal ball remains partly cloudy, I am unable to discern with any degree of clarity, what the weather will give us from day-to-day. However, what I can tell you is that over a given range of time our weather will likely change. Statistically speaking, I believe there to be a near 100% chance of the weather changing…or something. You heard it here first.

 Longer days mean greater opportunities for digging in the dirt. Exactly what you intend to do with the dirt you're digging in has everything to do with what you plan to plant. That is to say, it's perfectly all right to plant tomatoes in containers that can be moved inside or in a raised bed that you cover. It is however, way too early to consider planting those directly into the ground. Fortunately, for most things the time is right! Successful gardening has as much to do with planning as it does with planting. If you fail to plan, you may inadvertently plan to fail.

 Spring on in,

 David Bates