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Archive date:  March 14, 2014

Another Step Closer

Early spring hours begin Monday, March 17, 8am to 5pm!

As we move ever closer to mid- March, we collectively, anxiously await the official return of spring. Even a cold windy day like yesterday is not enough to dim our spirits. I must admit, after working out in that cold wind all day yesterday, I am looking ahead toward spring with much anticipation. Today's sunshine was a welcome reprieve. It looks as though there may be a few extra clouds as we move towards the weekend. Fortunately, much warmer temperatures will accompany those clouds.


As we approach the season of mass hysteria planting, it's a good idea to take a moment and think about what's involved with having success with the plants you purchase. That is to say, purchasing quality plants is only part of the equation. When you accompany your plants with proper soil preparation and nutrition, your odds of long-term success in the garden skyrocket.


My grandmother had the gift of overstatement. She contended, "If you buy a two dollar plant, dig a $10 hole". That was her way of saying: Don't scrimp on soil preparation. My dad had a more sarcastic take on the same subject: "You don't want to have to grease the root ball to get it to fit in the hole". That was his way of illustrating the need for an oversized diameter hole.


Due to both of these influences on my life, and the gardening lives of many middle Tennesseans, we began more than 15 years ago our search for better soil amendments. What has come as a result of that is our line of EarthMix® soils, amendments, and mulches. We believe they are the best. It is true your plants can survive with less than the best. Our philosophy has always been to help you grow plants that don't simply survive, but thrive. It matters not whether you use our Premium Topsoil Blend, Premium Soil Conditioner, Worm Castings, Mushroom Compost or any other EarthMix® brand product; the same quality products are available in bags or in bulk!


David Bates