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Archive date:  March 7, 2014

Seconds, Anyone?

Could this be winter’s last gasp?

The gift that keeps on giving: winter.  I hope you came through relatively unscathed. Even though last Saturday, March 1, was a wonderful day, I'm still going to say March came in like a lion. Sunday certainly started off pleasant enough. At 9:30 AM it was 63°; by 10:30 AM it was 38°. It was as drastic, and as rude of a change as I recall in quite a while.


There are many who had extremely significant ice accumulation; but it could have been much worse. With over 2 1/4 inches of rain in barely more than 12 hours, a single degree colder would have been devastating. I had the opportunity to be in Brentwood on Tuesday morning. The amount of ice that built up from Brentwood to Forest Hills was nearly unbelievable, well over 1 inch. We only got 1/4 inch of ice at the nursery; others got much more.


I know there are areas, such as Clarksville, that took a heavy shot. With over 2 inches of ice and 3 to 5 inches of snow on top of that, it ensures this round of winter will be discussed for quite some time. It is my hope this newsletter finds you only disgusted with winter; hopefully spared from far worse and damaging conditions.


I believe it was back in 1994 when we had our last widespread ice storm. Almost everyone experienced power failure for several days. Many did not get their electricity turned back on for weeks. Fortunately then, and now, we had milder temperatures post-storm. It's not a lot, but hopefully it will make getting through this storm a bit less traumatic.


Believe it or not, (and I'm not sure I do) the weather outlook for the next 10 days looks quite good. With temperatures in the 50s and 60s (next Tuesday may even reach 70°) it would seem things are looking up for spring. We hope you'll come out and see us on Saturday; don't forget to spring forward this weekend!


Better weather is on the way,


David Bates