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Archive date:  February 28, 2014


Now open Saturdays!

It's been a chilly week to this point, but temperatures are on the rise for the weekend. It couldn't happen at a better time. As springtime approaches, we all look forward to more consistently pleasant weather. We have been busy in preparation for the season just ahead. We have scratched a number of projects off the "to-do list" and transferred them to the "done list". The nature of projects being what they are, it always seems to take a bit more time to complete any given task than what you hope it will. That's my way of letting you know that we are still a work in progress.

We take all measures necessary to protect the plants we overwinter in our cold storage buildings. When it comes to the health of our plants, we don't leave anything to chance that we can prevent. Between the plants we overwinter and the plants we have received this week, we already have an excellent selection shaping up.

No doubt many folks have legitimate concerns about plants in their gardens that have suffered from the exposure to the cold weather this winter. I receive several emails daily from concerned gardeners about specific plants in their yard. I try to answer as best I can, given that I'm not standing there, actually looking at the plant or plants that are in question. This much I can say with relative certainty: more will be revealed. That is to say, the extent of damage your plants may have incurred may not fully be discernible at this time. I strongly encourage patience, along with a watchful eye. Time will tell, but perhaps not just yet.

Plants that are known to be of marginal hardiness will be most susceptible to the damage this winter has imposed. Loropetalum and Indian Hawthorne are likely at the top of the list. That doesn't necessarily mean you should stop using these. It does mean however, you may need to treat them as an annual that frequently survives the winter.

Come out Saturday and give us a visit!

David Bates