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Archive date:  February 21, 2014

A Welcome Reprieve

Open Saturdays beginning next week!

It has been timely. The taste of spring we have experienced this week, gives us hope for the season ahead. The great news for us all is that spring is now officially one month away. Unofficially speaking however, spring begins as March arrives. This doesn't mean that all chance of cold weather has passed for this year; that is very unlikely. Fortunately, it does mean that temperatures will continue to moderate. Old man winter will again give way to the splendor that is spring.


He won't give up without a fight however. If you look at next week's forecast, you'll see he's laced up his boxing gloves for another round. I don't expect that will be the last we will hear from him. It is probably not reasonable to expect his corner to throw in the towel...but a TKO would be fine with me.


Pugilistic vernacular aside, and as aforementioned, we've been busy all winter. There is much to do to prepare for spring. We have been cleaning our lot, rebuilding benches, painting, repairing frozen irrigation lines… I could expand this list ad infinitum. The point is, there is much for us to get done in preparation for your arrival. We know company’s coming; we want to look our best!


Over the next week, we plan on making significant progress towards transforming our and now empty paved sales area into a cornucopia of horticultural delights. It is a process that takes considerable time, and many truckloads of plants. Over the next week, our first shipment of trees will arrive along with several other truckloads of plants from our many wonderful vendors across the country. I would like to tell you we will have every thing done and in a complete state of readiness, anxiously awaiting your arrival. I would like to tell you that. The truth is, we're just going to keep plugging away at it. The transformational process is just that, a process.


Got to go for now, we've got guests arriving! We look forward to seeing you.


David Bates