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Archive date:  December 31, 2013

It's Almost Here

50% off all plants; 25% off everything else continues!

The day is drawing near. Christmas arrives on Wednesday. If it seems as though it all happened too quickly, it has, at least to me anyway. Mentally I think I'm still in the latter part of November. That doesn't mean I haven't done Christmas shopping, I have. It seems as though the centrifuge of life has thrown me back in the seat, and I can barely raise my arms.


I really enjoy the holidays. I don't mean for it to seem as though I don't. I just wish there was some way for it to come at a slightly more leisurely pace. I never want to attend social gatherings with dread. In fact, I always enjoy them, once I am there. I seem to have to force myself to avoid looking at the event calendar too frequently. I don't do well with the present when I am looking too far ahead.


With the home stretch of the holidays front and center, we are winding up our year here at Bates Nursery & Garden Center. We usually take some time off during the holidays, and this year is no exception. However, before we take our winter break, we do want to give you an opportunity to wind up your landscaping/gift giving opportunities before we shut it down for a bit. We are extending our 50% off all plants; 25% off everything else; end of year sale. This is your chance to save big, and our chance to not have to move the plants inside. Through the close of business at noon on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24, you can get any plant we sell for half price. You can also get anything else for 25% off, including gift cards! Don't let fear and common sense cloud your judgment; the clock is running; it's almost here. We will reopen January 6 after the holiday break: Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM.


Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from all of us at Bates Nursery & Garden Center!


David Bates