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Archive date:  November 28, 2013

I Got Something!

40% Off on All landscape plants

With the mental fog of last week now a distant memory, I now have a sense of renewed purpose. Thankfully, I received a multitude of wonderful suggestions. I come away from that with a sense of a singular overall sensation: We are certainly fortunate to have so many wonderful friends!


This is the week of thanks giving. Thanksgiving day is simply tucked into it. It is the time of year when we rightly should be pausing and reflecting on the many things we each have to be thankful for. There are many distractions. Our connected lives present many benefits, but it can be a double-edged sword. Between the flat screen TV, the desktop computer, laptop, iPad, and smartphones, it's a miracle we even notice there are people around us, let alone our loved ones. Don't get me wrong; I am as guilty as anyone… Obviously!


Being mindful of the precious time we have together, I do have a couple of gardening thoughts. As you may have noticed, winter seems to be arriving early. Actually, there is no way you could not have noticed. This might be your signal that says, "Gardening is over until spring". I believe that thought is premature. With improving weather conditions beginning Friday, it is still a great time to plant, especially since you're a BatesRewards member!


Beginning Friday morning at 8 AM, all landscape plants are 40% off! All plants for the outdoor landscape are included. It matters not what landscape project you might be contemplating, we have what you need at 40% off. All shrubs, groundcovers, conifers, trees, ornamental grasses, perennials, and yes, even living Christmas trees are now 40% off.


If you are a friend of ours on Facebook, our mascot Bella, has a special message for you. If you're not a friend yet, we'd love for you to like us! Simply click on the link to take you there.


Throw on an extra layer, get outside, and work off some of that turkey and dressing.


We hope you'll come see us!


David Bates